Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The last two weeks

I´m sorry, I´m a blogging slacker. I just feel like our life isn´t really that exciting and that I don´t really have anything to write about! But from the prompting of a good friend, who actually says she enjoys reading this blog, here is an update of our past two weeks:

Well I started off the month being sick again. Big surprise. Missed two days of class :-( Feeling much better now. Still enjoying teaching in the mornings :-)

October is a big birthday month for my family. My grandfather´s (on my mom´s side) birthday was the 5th, my uncle´s (on my mom´s side) the 9th, my aunt´s (on my dad´s side) the 12th and tomorrow is my Dad´s birthday. Happy early 53rd Birthday Old Man!!! :-)

Two other very important dates fall in October. The first one is the 10th. This is the anniversary of the death of my aunt (on my mom´s side). She died 10/10/06 from cancer at the age of 49. I can´t believe it´s been 4 years already. Not a day goes by that I don´t think about her or my other loved ones in heaven.

The second important date is the 15th, which as I mentioned in my previous post, is National Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day. I think I already talked enough about this in my other post. All I will say is that I will be thinking about all those who have lost a baby and keeping them in my prayers <3

Last weekend we went to a combined Bachelorette/Bachelor party for some friends from church. We had a nice time with good friends and food! The wedding will be October 29th in San Carlos (the beach!) at the same hotel that Abe and I were considering getting married at! I´m looking forward to it.

We recently became part of the ¨servant¨ group at church. This is a group of leaders, teachers, helpers, etc. within the church. We are now ushers and help greet people, seat them, pray for them, etc. I am really enjoying it so far and I´m looking forward to all the doors that God will open through this serving experience!

We decided to give Mona (our new kitten) a bath the other night because she smelled so bad. Not a smart idea! Let me just say that bathing a kitten in your kitchen sink is not any fun. She was miserable, the poor thing cried and whined and moaned the whole time while trying to scratch and claw her way out of our hands. When we finished she smelled so good! But now she´s back to being stinky again. Oh well. Today we took her to the vet for the first time. She got a vaccine and some sort of foamy stuff put into her mouth (I think it was an antiparasite medicine or something). We have to take her back next month for more shots. She did really well though, despite being super scared and scratching my arm to death!

Abe and I bought our plane tickets to go back to South Carolina for Christmas! (Or should I say, my wonderful, sweet, loving father bought our tickets for us!) We will be back in the United States from Friday December 17th until Wednesday January 5th. I´m so excited! I miss my family, friends, church and home so much!!!

We also went and printed off all the forms that we need to send in to get Abe´s greencard (immigrant visa). We intend to fill them out and get all our documents ready and send it all in to the Juarez Embassy in January. From there, we just wait until they contact us for an interview. Then we travel up to Juarez. Then more waiting to find out if we are approved, if we are, more waiting until they send the visa. Our plan is to move back to Charleston sometime in 2011 or maybe early 2012, depending on how long the process takes. I have heard it can take anywhere from 2 months to a year. So we shall see.

Not too much else going on in our life right now. Abe is still working full time as a civil engineer. We are still trying to get pregnant. Just trying to stay patient, have faith in God, and know that it will happen when the time is right. Anyway, that´s all I´ve got for now. Thanks for reading and I´ll try to be more regular with this blog! :-)

P.S. I tried to add some pictures, but our internet is acting up and won´t let me post them :-( Sorry! I´ll put them up next time

Friday, October 1, 2010


For all those who don´t know, October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. I ask that you please just take a moment to remember all the babies and their families who have had to say good bye too soon.

If you have a moment, take a look at these two websites. They have so much wonderful information and support such a great cause.

Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope: Putting a FACE on miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss

A Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Campaign

(Copied from the I am the Face website): Every single day in the US lose a baby to pregnancy/infant loss. That´s 700,000 a year, a third of every female in the country. So why does no one talk about it?

In honor of October 15th, National Pregnancy/Infant Loss Remembrance Day, we are opening up the conversation. We are ¨putting a face¨on miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss. We are sharing our faces and declaring to the world, ¨I am not ashamed to talk about my baby¨.

The goal of the I AM THE FACE campaign is simple: to spread awareness of pregnancy/infant loss, and raise support for those who are affected by it. With your help, we will raise $2,000 for the 2,000 women who experience the loss of a child every day. $2,000 for 2,000 faces.

Donations will go to Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope, a nonprofit organization with a mission of providing support and resources for parents who have lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss and to spread awareness of pregnancy and infant loss throughout the greater community.

Thanks so much for your understanding, help, and support with this.

Thinking of you always, my little angel