Friday, November 18, 2011

Weeks 28-31

I´ve been slacking these past few weeks...sorry! Working, church, and pregnancy pretty much do me in! So here I am, now at 31 weeks, 4 days. I will post all the pictures from the previous weeks at the bottom.

How far along: almost 32 weeks!!!

Due date: 1/16/12

Gender: BOY! Lucas Alexander will be his name <3 (Although, Abe is now pushing to change his middle name to Abelardo, so we shall see...)

Symptoms: Exhaustion! I get tired and out of breath just from walking up the stairs in our house! Breathing is not as easy as it used to be either. My belly is getting very heavy and itchy, thank goodness for lotion! Still having some back pain. Feet and hands are starting to swell a little, especially if I´ve been on my feet for a while. I wouldn´t trade any of these things for the world though...I love being pregnant!

Total weight gain: As of my last doctor´s appointment on Tuesday, I am up a total of 22 pounds, which is right on track, normal, and healthy!

Food cravings: Would really love some Krispy Kreme doughnuts right about now...

Food aversions: None, really

Movement: He is still active, but he´s running out of space in my belly. I get lots of jabs, rolls, kicks, etc. But since he is already in the head down position, it´s all little movements. It´s so fun to watch my belly move and stretch out though when he´s getting comfy in there!

Stretch marks: Still none yet, thank goodness!

Maternity clothes: Most definitely!

Sleep: Yes please! Haha I have been sleeping a LOT lately! Considering I wake up every 10 minutes to either change positions or go to the bathroom, it´s no surprise that I have to take a nap everyday as well!

Belly button–in or out: It´s officially out now!

Best thing that happened this week: Seeing my precious, handsome, adorable little son on the 3D ultrasound at the doctors. He has the chubbiest little cheeks, his Mommy´s mouth, and his Daddy´s nose! I love him so much already!

Any baby-related purchases this week: Haven´t bought anything for him in a while...

Milestones reached: Only 5-8 more weeks until we get to meet him! Nursery is pretty much as ready as it´s going to get right now (until my parents come in Jan. after his birth and bring more furniture, pictures, etc.) We just need to put a few things on the wall and do some general cleaning (dusting, sweeping, etc.) and then we will be good to go! We also have our last Lamaze class next week, so I am starting to feel more informed/prepared for his birth.

What size is the baby: My little fatty is weighing 4.12 pounds already! And is about 16-18 inches long!

What I miss: Wine, playing soccer, dancing Zumba, eating cold deli meat sandwiches, sleeping on my stomach

What I am looking forward to: Thanksgiving (even though it isn´t celebrated here), my second baby shower, our 2 year anniversary, finishing teaching for the year, Abe´s birthday, Christmas, and most importantly...meeting our son!!!

Belly picture:

Week 28

Week 29

Week 30

Week 31

All of these pictures were taken at our friends beautiful wedding. Abe and I had the privilege of being in the wedding. We were very happy to be part of such a special day!

The bride and groom

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