Saturday, March 5, 2011

Days 49-52

Day 49: What you believe

Oh boy, where do I start...I have a lot of strong beliefs, but I´ll do one for each year of my goes!

I Believe:
1. Jesus Christ is my Savior and the Risen Son of God
2. In the Holy Trinity
3. God is ALWAYS in control
4. Faith, hope, and love go a long way
5. After God, family is the most important
6. It´s necessary to be involved in your church
7. Babies and puppies are the most adorable things in the whole world
8. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, but we can´t see the whole picture like God can, so we just have to trust Him and His plans
9. There is no greater pain than losing someone you love
10. God works miracles everyday
11. I will be a mother one day to healthy, beautiful children
12. I have been extremely blessed
13. Martin Luther was a genius
14. Good music can solve almost any problem
15. The older you get, the fewer true friends you have
16. Age is just a number
17. I have the best husband in the world
18. Even though there are lots of bad people in the world, there are lots of good people too
19. Violence does not fix everything
20. We are all human which means that none of us are perfect...try to keep that in mind when judging someone else
21. No person should have to live without food, clothing, shelter, water, and education...these are basic rights that EVERYONE should have
22. A little alone time everyday is a necessity for me to function
23. Sleep is a beautiful thing
24. Everything is okay in the end, if it´s not okay, then it´s not the end
25. All the time God is good and God is good all the time!

Day 50: Your Goals no specific order...

-get my Master´s Degree, either in teaching ESL or in Youth Ministry, not sure which one yet
-be a good mother and wife
-be happy
-travel to Europe, Central America, and South America
-participate in a Missions trip
-do God´s will

That´s all I can think of right now...

Day 51: Your Dream House

I couldn´t find a specific picture that represented my dream house, but I only have three basic requirements for my dream house

1. It MUST have lots of trees and a big yard
2. It MUST be near water, either the ocean, lake, river, etc.
3. Circular stairs would be a plus, I think they´re super cool :-)

Day 52: Something you have learned

Probably the most important thing I have learned in my 25 years of living is to trust in God. To know that He is always there for me, always by my side, always has my best interests at heart, He always loves me and that He is always in control.

This is the last day of my blog challenge, so from here on out it will be back to my boring, normal life and what´s going on and probably less frequent updates.

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