Monday, September 5, 2011

6 months later...

I´m back! After taking a break from the blogging world for 6 months, I decided it´s time to get back into the swing of it again! :-) I´m not sure if anyone even reads this or not, but anyways, here goes...

Let´s see...what´s been happening in our lives since March?

Well Abe is still working full time as a civil engineer. They are currently building a new hospital here in Hermosillo, so he probably puts in about 10-12 hours every day Mon.-Sat. He´s a very busy, hard-working man!

I´m still teaching English as a Second Language part time at Abe´s family´s school. I enjoy it and it´s nice working with family :-)

Aside from working, we both stay pretty busy with church. We love being involved there. The past few months, I have been playing the keyboard in our praise/worship band on Sundays and I love it! I have also been giving piano classes to some of the teenagers from the church on Saturdays. I´m also taking a disciplship class on Sunday mornings before church. And Abe and I both serve as Ushers.

That´s pretty much our lives right and church! We´re kind of boring people :-) Oh, and of course our cat Mona. She is 1 year old now and so hilarious! She makes us smile and laugh every day and we love having her as part of our family :-) The other kitten that we had, Lucy, unfortunately died. We only had her for less than a week. She was too little and could not survive without her mom´s milk :-(

In April, for Holy Week, I drove up to Tucson, AZ, met my family there and we drove up to Las Vegas to spend the week and go to my cousin´s wedding. We had an amazing time! It was so nice to spend time with my mom, dad, and brother and see other family for the wedding! While we were there, we also drove over to Utah one day and spend the day snow skiing! In April! It was awesome! And as most of you probably know, snow skiing is our favorite family activity. I started when I was 5 years old, as did my brother and it´s something we love doing as a family. Here we are with my cousin and his new wife.

At the end of April, Abe and I traveled to Obregon, which is about 2 hours south of Hermosillo, with his mom and brother for their cousin´s wedding. Here we are at the reception:

May had it´s ups and downs. On May 5th, it was one year since we lost our first baby. It was very tough for me, especially being so close to Mother´s Day :-( But fortunately our up came a few days later on May 10th (which happens to be Mother´s Day here in Mexico) when I found out that I was pregnant for the 3rd time!!!! :-) A week later we had our first doctor´s appointment and we got our first glimpse at our new little bebe. The test that changed everything:

Here is the gestational sac at 5 weeks:

In June, we went back to the doctor to see that our baby had a heartbeat and that all was well so far! Here is the baby at 8 weeks and 2 days:

At 10 weeks, I started taking weekly pictures of my belly to document this amazing journey and all the physical changes that come with it. Here I am at 10 weeks:

11 weeks:

12 weeks (3 months!):

In July, we saw our baby moving for the first time and heard it´s heartbeat! Everything looked perfect and healthy! Here is the baby at 12 weeks:

13 weeks:

14 weeks:

15 weeks:

16 weeks (4 months!):

The baby at 16 weeks:

17 weeks:

In August, I decided to switch OBGYNs after having lots of frustrations with my previous doctor. So we saw our baby again and this is when we found out we are having a healthy baby BOY!!!! Here is our little man at 17 weeks proudly showing off his man parts:

His precious face at 17 weeks:

Me at 18 weeks:

19 weeks:

And here he is again at 20 weeks:

His handsome face:

Me at 20 weeks (5 months and half way through the pregnancy!):

I personally think he looks like me! :-) The doctor and my mother-in-law agree. I think he is the most handsome, adorable, precious little guy I´ve ever seen in my life and I love him so much already!

Today I am 21 weeks pregnant with our little boy (due January 16th 2012) and I just feel so thankful, blessed, and fortunate to have made it this far with this pregnancy. Every day that I can feel him moving and kicking, I just thank my Heavenly Father for blessing us with this child. He is such a miracle and I know that he is a gift from God. It has been a long, difficult journey to get to where we are now, but I never for a second doubted or lost my faith in God. It´s so amazing because back in November (I think) after I had my second miscarriage, we were at church on a Wednesday night for prayer and an older women from the congregation, whom we normally don´t really talk to that much, came up to us. She told us that God had spoken to her and given her a message to give to us. He told her that He would give us healthy, beautiful children and for me not to worry, that He would place them inside of me in His time. I bawled my eyes out when I heard this becuase I just knew it was true. I knew that God would give me a chance to be a mother one day and that I just had to keep trusting Him. Well, as you can clearly see, God has indeed kept His promise to us. He is faithful, generous, and so good. Several months later, actually I think it was right after I had just found out I was pregnant in May, we were at church again for prayer on a Wednesday night and a woman (again, someone that we don´t normally talk to all that often) came up to me afterwards and told me that the Holy Spirit had told her that He was working on a miracle inside of me. Again, cue the tears, as I already knew that I had a little miracle growing inside of me. So anyways, this is my testimony, that although it was a long, painful, difficult journey to get here, God was by our side every second and has now blessed us so tremendously. After all of our prayin, wishing, and hoping, our dream has finally come true. I know that God is blessing and protecting both myself and the baby each and every day. If there is something in your life that you are longing for, please don´t give up. God hears your prayers and He wants to bless you. It´s just not always when we want it. It´s in His time. So just be patient, have faith, and trust in Him. He will come through, He always does!

Thanks for letting me share and for reading this! Hope everyone is having a happy, safe Labor Day! :-)

(21 weeks picture and pregnancy post to come later tonight!)

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