Monday, September 5, 2011

21 weeks

Each week I will try to do a pregnancy post with some general questions and a picture of my bump.

Symptoms?: Aside from some back pain, not too much else. Feeling really good!

Weight gain?: Up 12 pounds so far this whole pregnancy

Movement?: Yep, I get little kicks and jabs throughout the day, but he is the most active when I first wake up and at night when I´m laying down in the bed :-)

Stretch marks?: Not yet (knocking on wood)

Belly button–in or out?: Hmmm, well it´s kind of flat right now, it´s stretching and it´s starting to move out some but not all the way there yet.

Best thing that happened this week?: Going out to eat yummy wings for lunch yesterday! :-)

Any baby-related purchases this week?: I don´t think I´ve bought anything this week, but I have already made LOTS of purchases for this little boy :-)

Nursery progress?: Haha, nothing has been done to the actual room yet. The crib and mattress have been purchased and will be picked up this weekend. The paint color has been chosen just not purchased or painted yet. Still need to buy the rest of the furniture and all the decorations.

Milestones reached?: 21 weeks! Each day is a milestone for me!

What size is the baby?: About the size of a banana, length is about 7.5 inches and weight is about 350 grams or 11 ounces more or less...which is funny because 1 week ago at my appointment this baby was already weighing 400 grams, which is 14 ounces! We have a little porker on our hands! :-)

Belly picture:

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