Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Interesting Weekend

We had a stressful, interesting, busy weekend this past Sunday. We ordered our baby crib from Walmart online and they have the option that you can choose the store you want to ship it to and pick it up from the store (saves lots of money!) So we had it shipped to the Walmart in Nogales, AZ, it´s the closest one to us. On Sunday we woke up early, well for me it was early...8am, and drove all the way up to Nogales. We had no problems crossing the border, the guy was very nice and friendly and turns out he was actually stationed at the Naval base in Charleston many years ago so we were chatting for a while :-)

We left Hermosillo around 9am and crossed the border around 1pm, there was hardly any line, like maybe 4 cars in front of us to cross, it was so fast! We ate lunch at Taco Bell (yummy!) and then went to Walmart to pick up our stuff. Our car is a Dodge Neon, so pretty small and the crib was in this huge box, which of course wouldn´t fit in the car, so we had to take all the pieces out of the box and luckily everything just barely fit! Then we shopped some more at Walmart, Ross, ate dinner at McDonald´s and then headed home around 7pm. I won´t tell you how much money we spent, but we definitely got a lot of things we needed and enjoyed our day of shopping! :-)

So normally baby boy is very active when I first wake up, lots of kicks and jabs, and at night when I am laying down in bed. Well all that day he had not been moving much at all, which had me very worried, but I figured it was just from the traveling and me being exhausted and just not feeling well. We got back home around 11pm and when I was laying down that night he still wasn´t moving like normal. I figured he and I both just needed some sleep and then he would get back to his normal routine. Well, yesterday, even after getting 12 hours of sleep, when I woke up, still not much movement at all. So now I was very concerned. The doctor had told me at my last appointment that his movements were very important and that if he wasn´t active during his normal times to call him. So when Abe came home for lunch we called. Of course by this time I was very emotional and stressed out, which probably just made things worse.

Anyways, the doctor told us to come in last night at 5pm just to check and make sure everything is ok. Baby boy is fine and perfect, heartbeat was good, and we could see him moving around on the ultrasound. The doctor just said he was probably very tired because I was so tired and that he can feel all of my stress and worry which makes him less active. So I´m glad that he and I are both ok! He´s a little porker too, he was weighing 1.1 pounds!!!! Which is way ahead of what he should be measuring! And his head is still ahead also, and his stomach. Needless to say, I´m a big worrywart and this little man likes to make me worry! I just need to stay calm and relaxed if this every happens again and not get so stressed. But hey, what else was I supposed to do? This is my first baby that we tried so long and hard for, so of course I´m gonna be a little worried :-)

So that was our weekend! We now have a baby crib, crib mattress, mattress pad cover, and a rug for his room! :-) This is all starting to get very real!!!

Here is a picture of his adorable profile from yesterday. I think he looks like his Daddy in this picture:

Showing off his man parts...he´s definitely still a boy!

His crib, mattress, and new rug just hanging out in the living room waiting to be put together (who knows when that will get done!)

22 week pregnancy post to come later tonight!

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