Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A little late...

Sorry I missed yesterday´s post. I had some stuff going on. So here goes:

My highs for the week:

-Spending time with a friend who I haven´t hung out with /talked to in a while

-Receiving lots of positive feedback/support/love from my loss story and about my blog in general (thanks to everyone who reads and who sends support!)

My low for the week: I don´t want to get into detail, but I just want to say that life is tough sometimes. And that includes marriage. Specifically the first year. But I have faith in God and I know that He will get us through anything that comes our way if we just trust in Him. I love my husband deeply and that will never change.

Where I saw God: This week I saw God in my friendships. Being able to talk/vent to a good friend here in Mexico, I really felt His presence through her and I appreciate her being there for me and listening. And I also saw God through two good friends that I´ve met online. They have been there for me since I´ve ¨met¨ them and they have been sending lots of love, prayers, and positive thoughts my way and I am very thankful for them. I think we all need good friends in our lives and I´m so thankful for all the great friends that God has given me.

Here are some pictures of me and some of my friends: (If there isn´t a picture of you on here, please don´t be mad at me or offended! I promise, you are my friend, I can only post so many photos on here though!)

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