Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This week

Hey all, sorry if I´ve been slacking...I am actually doing some teaching this week! Abe´s brother runs an English school here and one of their teachers is out this week, so I am substituting for her. Luckily, it´s a class I´ve already taught before and I´m familiar with the material. It´s a TOEFL class, which means Test of English as a Foreign Language. It consists of Listening, Reading, and Writing. So this week I´m just going over the practice test with the students and getting them familiar with it. It´s a good class so far, 4 students, all around my age. They´re a little on the quiet side, but I´m sure that´s just because I´m new to them!

So, here´s my week so far:

My highs for the week:

-Two of my friends (who have both had previous miscarriages) just found out they are pregnant! I am very happy and excited for them!

-I am enjoying teaching again. It´s nice to feel productive, needed, and useful. I haven´t taught in a school since the end of January, so it´s been a while. I love the feeling I get when I explain something to the students that they didn´t understand before. I love being able to help them, using my gifts and talents! It´s a great high!

-Abe sprayed our house with pesticide so hopefully no more cockroaches or black widows! And yes, we do have lots of black widows. I see some probably every week. Our back patio is covered with dead cockroaches. And when I say there are probably 80 dead ones out there, I´m not exaggerating at all! It´s an interesting sight to see!

My low for this week: Two friends who were pregnant (one who has had a previous miscarriage), lost their babies this week. It just breaks my heart that this kind of thing even happens. It´s something that I don´t understand, but I just have to trust that God has it under control. They will continue to be in my prayers.

Where I saw God this week: This week I felt God in my marriage. I felt Him giving me strength and patience, even when things got frustrating. I really feel like He is in this with us and always present.

Well, I´m off to cook dinner before class tonight, until next time! :-)

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