Sunday, August 22, 2010


This weekend was a pretty busy one for us. Friday night we celebrated Alan´s birthday (Abe´s oldest brother) at his house. We were going to have a cookout, but it was storming (WHOOOO! We needed the rain!), so we ended up just eating the other side dishes inside. We had a good time. It was Abe and I, Alan and Debbie, Paty (Abe´s mom) and Francisco (Abe´s dad).
Then on Saturday we had a new air conditioner installed. Here they are called mini splits, but the little ones that you can put in individual rooms...because right now we have central air and it is just so expensive. (Our electricity bill for this month was ridiculous!) On top of having the new air put in, we also decided to switch our bedroom with the guest/baby room. So now we have more space and are in the biggest room. It took quite a while to make the switch happen and we worked on it for hours! I was exhausted afterwards.
This morning I woke up feeling terrible. I think it´s a cold/allergies but I missed church today and a family lunch with Abe´s aunt :-( I´m just resting at the house, relaxing and taking it easy. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Here are some pictures from the party on Friday:

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