Monday, February 21, 2011

Days 34-37

Day 34: A picture of yourself

From several months ago...

Day 35: A picture of your favorite city

Oh, this is an easy hometown, Charleston, South Carolina is my favorite city because it is beautiful and amazing and the best city ever! I couldn´t choose just one picture...

My beautiful church, St. Matthew´s Lutheran Church :-)

Day 36: A picture of something/someone you miss

I miss my grandma and my aunt, who both died from cancer in 2006. I couldn´t find a picture of my grandma on the computer. And I miss my two dogs, Tahoe and Ginger, who died in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

My beautiful Aunt who died at age 49.

A picture of me with my two doggies. Tahoe is the black one and Ginger is the yellow one.

Day 37: Your nicknames

I have many nicknames. It depends on who the person is calling my name. If it´s my dad, he either calls me Pumpkin or Meganio. I have a lot of friends/family that just call me Meg. A few friends from church here in Mexico call me Meggie. And a select few friends from high school/soccer team know my old nickname, Beans. (I´m not going to explain the reason behind that name!) My husband has many nicknames for me, but I think the one he uses the most is ¨blondie¨ in Spanish. Everyone else just calls me Megan :-)

1 comment:

  1. Hola Megan!! O mejor güerita? jejejejeje!!!
    Que hermosa tu ciudad, tiene paisajes muy bellos!!!
    Siento la pérdida de tu tía, el cáncer es una enfermedad horrible que no debiera existir :( también he perdido miembros de mi familia por esa misma causa.
    Me gustó la foto en donde estás con tus perritos, se ve que te querían mucho!! :)