Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog Challenge

One of my New Year´s resolutions was to write more often in my blog. I have found several different 30 day challenges where you post something every day for a month. But I´ve decided to combine some of them, create my own challenge, and try to post something every day for as long as I have material (at least a month, minimum). So, today will be the start of more frequent blogging :-)

Day 1: Post a picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts.

1. I´m claustrophobic. Not majorly, but sometimes in elevators, big crowds, and places with no windows I get very nervous!

2. I have been snow-skiing since I was 5. Although in all honesty, I haven´t been in a few years...

3. I am slighty OCD, which means I´m super organized, have a place for everything, and like everything in it´s place. I have a special way to wash the dishes, make the bed, organize the refrigerator, etc.

4. I love cheesy, trashy, reality TV shows. Currently digging the new Bachelor season.

5. Sometimes I treat my kitten like she´s human. But I think all animal lovers/pet owners do this :-)

6. I was due to be born on Valentine´s Day but decided to come 13 days early. Typical me. Can´t wait for anything, haha

7. I can remember song lyrics from years ago, but not what I ate for lunch yesterday.

8. I can pop my hip out of joint. Not sure if that means double jointed, because I can´t do anything crazy with any other joints...

9. I have been living here in Mexico for 2.5 years and love it. Yet miss my hometown every single day too.

10. I work less than 20 hours a week, yet am so happy and fulfilled with my job, I wouldn´t change a thing.

11. I bought my first house when I was only 20. I´m currently renting it while I´m out of the country.

12. I don´t like to tie and untie my shoelaces. So I just leave them tied and slip them on and off. You call it lazy, I call it non-time wasting :-)

13. I can sing alto and soprano.

14. When I was little, I used to think that the Big Bad Wolf lived under my bed, so I used to sleep in my closet on the floor. (True story. Don´t worry, it was a walk-in closet!)

15. I have never tried marajuana. Nor will I ever.

That´s all for today, keep checking back for more frequent updates! :-) Thanks

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