Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 5

My Parents

For all those who don´t know Brinkley and Toni McArver, prepare yourselves! Haha :-) Actually, my mom is quite sane, calm, and normal, my dad on the other hand...well, there just aren´t words for him!

My mom is so sweet and friendly, she will make friends with anyone and talk to them. She is a little on the quiet and reserved side, most of the time calm, until she gets mad. Then watch out! She is an elementary school PE teacher and needless to say, is in great shape! Lots of people have commented that she looks more like my sister than my mom :-) She has a huge heart and wears her emotions on her sleeve (that´s where I get it from). She is always going out of her way to help others and she would do anything for someone in need. Growing up, she was the stricter one and my dad was a little more mellow about things. She is supersmart too and always has great advice to offer. She is the best mom anyone could ever ask for and I love her very much. I hope I can be half the mom she is one day <3

My dad...where to I begin? I think you have to meet Brinkley to understand, but here goes...My dad is the funniest, silliest, goofiest guy I have ever met! (Aside from my husband!) We like to say that he is a 10 year old stuck in a 50 year old´s body. He is definitely young at heart. He is always laughing, joking around and doing anything he can to make others laugh and smile :-) He is the life of the party. He can be wild and crazy sometimes too! He loves to play sports and I think they help keep him young. He is in excellent shape too! He is a financial wizard (he´s an accountant) and any time I need any help with money or have any questions, he is my go to man. I trust him completely with all of my money. He is great with it and makes more money for me by investing it in stocks, etc. He does have a serious side, though it only comes out when necessary. He is the best dad in the world and I love him so much! <3

Here they are, the best parents in the world! Have I mentioned that they have been married for 30 years? <3 them!!!

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