Thursday, January 27, 2011

Days 12 and 13

Man, I am such a slacker...I keep doing these double duty posts! Oh well :-) I´m actually sick today so I have some time on my hands to get this done.

Day 12: A picture of your most treasured item

I have a two way tie in this category between:

1. My wedding rings

2. A diamond ring and pearl necklace that were my grandma´s that she gave to me before she died.

Does an animal count as an ¨item¨? Haha, because my kitten Mona is definitely one of the most important ¨things¨ to me! :-)

Day 13: A place you´ve traveled to

Costa Rica! Pura Vida!!! :-)

I spent the summer of 2006 living with a family in San Jose, studying Spanish during the weeks, and traveling all around the country on the weekends. It was amazing! Costa Rica is an absolutely beautiful country! I would recommend it to anyone. It has so many things available to do. There are beaches, mountains, volcanoes, rain forests, eco activities, jungles, waterfalls, cities, shopping, white water rafting, surfing, fishing, zip lining, anything you want to do, you can probably find it in Costa Rica.

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  1. Megan!!!! Que bonito collar, en verdad es un tesoro y más por ser un regalo de tu abuela :)